For only 20 €!

Free adminission, free car service, unlimited drinking

For only 50 €!

No time limit. VIP table and services included

For only 70 €!

10 minutes private dance, unlimited drinking

Stag party

We have four great offers especially for groups.

These packages are specifically for bachelor parties of more than 5.

They are:

  • a 50% discount on your own drinks.
  • an All You Can Drink Voucher for 20€/peson wich last for 90 minutes.
  • 1 bottle of spirit with unlimited soft drinks 40€/peson. For more than 5 people ask our offer via email!
  • Fine dining voucher for 50 Euro wich includes (in Palace Lounge & Club):
  • Unlimited drink consumption in the club area for 2 hours
    (except premium drinks and champagnes)
  • 2-course dinner in the lounge area
  • Free admission
  • Free car services

All offers contain a surprise show worth 60€ as a gift. This funny show is always very successful and has the groom as the star.

Plan and then organize Your stag party to us, to one of our clubs, which satisfy all demands, to Club P1, or Club P2. If it’s important for You that this exceptional evening should be enjoyed at a really high quality and smoothly, and You wish to participate in such an outstanding experience, which You and Your friends will never forget, then don’t hesitate, because You are in the best possible place! Our clubs, with a huge amount of experience behind them, are the most popular stag destinations in Hungary, managing over 400 stag events each year. The beauty, pleasant demeanor, intelligence and preparedness of the girls working for us are the guarantees, that our guests always depart our establishment filled with great experiences and with complete satisfaction. In the case of larger groups we explicitly recommend the two-level Club P2, that is located immediately next to the Basilica, which welcomes the groups arriving for stag weekends with a VIP hall developed just for this purpose, providing separate service, separate music and equipped with a separate stage. Here You will also have the opportunity to combine this special evening with a delicious dinner at our lounge-restaurant situated upstairs. Of course our groups, together with the extraordinary treatment, also receive special and extremely favorable prices. According to the description below, You may select from our vouchers and half-price offer, or if You also wish to have dinner, we can provide that at a package-price as well. With every offer the celebrated person will get a show, which is exclusively for him, free of charge, that is absolutely and always a 100% resounding success.

Don’t think about it any longer and choose the best

If You have any questions, please share them with us, our clubs will strive to be the most flexible and to satisfy every special desire.